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Open class I.P.S.C. gun in .38 super comp with slim lined and re-textured grip.

Full house Les Baer crafted
by Tim Thompson.
Engraving by Jim White.

Colt Officers Model Defensive Carry Gun: Caliber 45 ACP.

Caspian titanium frame and commander slide after fluting.

Full house STI limited class I.P.S.C. race gun in 40 S&W built and finished in house

Colt 1991A1 Bobtail Government Model or Commander: Caliber 45 ACP or 38 Super available.

Full house Les Baer crafted by
Bill Thompson.
Engraving by Jim White.
Limited class I.P.S.C. frame and slide in .40 S&W after fluting.

Limited class I.P.S.C. gun in .40 S&W after fluting and grip modification.

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At Bill's Custom Automatics we take pride in our handgun work. Only the finest parts are used and they are fitted and installed with a high attention to detail. Browse through these pictures and maybe you will see your next custom handgun!

My father has said many times that reliability is number one, but a firearm is looked ninety percent of the time and shot ten percent of the time, so great care must be taken during the finishing process. We take the time to finish the project. All engraving requested by customers or shown here is done by guild engraver Jim White in Alaska. His turnaround is prompt and workmanship,impecable.

Many different modifications and models are available. In my father's fourty plus years and my sixteen years full time we have seen many mods, some worthy and some that don't add to the pistols reliability or asthetic value.

I will be glad to discuss any project you have in mind before any work has begun.Call or e-mail me at the gunshop for specific prices and estimated turnaround time. Most full house handguns start around 2500.00 on a supplied frame and slide. More elaborate signature series 1911's or open class STI raceguns start at 3600.00